Fo r example starbuck issues co rrective replies to

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Unformatted text preview: o se who want to take a dip into so cial media’s waters. Establishing a Presence Firms ho ping to get in o n the o nline co nversatio n sho uld make it easy f o r their custo mers to f ind them. Many f irms take an embassy appro ach to so cial media, establishing presence at vario us services with a co nsistent name. Think f acebo o m/ starbucks, m/ starbucks, yo m/ starbucks, f m/ starbucks, and so o n. Co rpo rate e-mail and Web sites can include ico ns linking to these services in a header o r f o o ter. The f irm’s so cial media embassies can also be highlighted in physical space such as in print, o n bags and packaging, and o n sto re signage. Firms sho uld try to ensure that all embassies carry co nsistent design elements, so users see f amiliar visual cues that undersco re they are no w at a destinatio n asso ciated with the o rganizatio n. As mentio ned earlier, so me f irms establish their o wn co mmunities f o r custo mer engagement. Examples include Dell’s IdeaSto rm and MyStarbuck...
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