H p o pkin twitter gets yo u fired in 140 characters

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Unformatted text preview: m well-kno wn health care blo ggers in craf ting its appro ach to so cial media.J. Kane, R. Fichman, J. Gallaugher, and J. Glaser, “Co mmunity Relatio ns 2.0,” Harv ard Business Rev iew , No vember 2 0 0 9. Ho wever, it’s also impo rtant to reco gnize that no t every mentio n is wo rthy o f a respo nse. The Internet is f illed with P R seekers, the unsatisf iably disgruntled, axe grinders seeking to trap f irms, disho nest co mpetito rs, and inappro priate gro ups o f mischief makers co mmo nly ref erred to as tro lls. One such gro up hijacked Time Magazine’s user po ll o f the Wo rld’s Mo st Inf luential P eo ple, vo ting their twenty-o ne-year-o ld leader to the to p o f the list ahead o f Barack Obama, Vladimir P utin, and the po pe. P rank vo ting was so f inely calibrated amo ng the gro up that the rankings list was engineered to spell o ut a vulgar term using the f irst letter o f each no minee’s name.E. Scho nf eld, “Time Magazine Thro ws Up Its Hands As It Gets P awned...
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