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Unformatted text preview: he Power of Wikipedia No t o nly is the no npro f it Wikipedia, with its enthusiastic army o f unpaid experts and edito rs, replacing the three-hundred-year ref erence reign o f Encyclo pedia Britannica, Wikipedia entries can impact nearly all large-sized o rganizatio ns. Wikipedia is the go -to , f irst-cho ice ref erence site f o r a generatio n o f “netizens,” and Wikipedia entries are invariably o ne o f the to p links, o f ten the f irst link, to appear in Internet search results. This po sitio n means that anyo ne f ro m to p executives to po litical candidates to any f irm large eno ugh to warrant an entry has to co ntend with the very public reco rd o f Wikipedia. In the same way that f irms mo nito r their o nline reputatio ns in blo g po sts and Twitter tweets, they’ve also go t to keep an eye o n wikis. But f irms that o verreach and try to inf luence an entry o utside o f Wikipedia’s mandated neut ral point of view (NPOV), risk a backlash and public expo sure. Versio n tracking means the wiki sees all....
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