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Unformatted text preview: an Online Reputatio n,” New Yo rk Times, July 29, 2009. P rivate respo nses may be mo st appro priate if a f irm is reimbursing clients o r dealing with issues where public dialo gue do esn’t help the situatio n. One do esn’t want to train members o f the co mmunity that public griping gets reward. Fo r similar reaso ns, in so me cases sto re credit rather than reimbursement may be appro priate co mpensatio n. Who Should Speak for Your Firm? The Case of the Cisco Fatty Using the Twitter handle “TheCo nno r,” a graduating co llege student recently o f f ered f ull-time emplo yment by the highly regarded netwo rking giant Cisco po sted this tweet: “Cisco just o f f ered me a jo b! No w I have to weigh the utility o f a f atty paycheck against the daily co mmute to San Jo se and hating the wo rk.” Bad idea. Her tweet was public and a Cisco emplo yee saw the po st, respo nding, “Who is the hiring manager. I’m sure they wo uld lo ve to kno w that yo u will hate the wo rk. We here at Cisco are versed in the web.” Snap! But this is also where the sto ry undersco res the subtleties o f so cial media engagement. Cisco emplo yees are right to be stung by this kind o f criticism. The f irm regularly ranks at the to p o f Fo rtune’s list o f “Best Firms t...
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