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Unformatted text preview: s, wikis, and so cial netwo rks no t o nly enable sharing text and pho to s, they also allo w f o r the creatio n and distributio n o f audio and video . Podcast s are digital audio f iles (so me also inco rpo rate video ), pro vided as a series o f pro grams. P o dcasts range f ro m a so rt o f media blo g, archives o f traditio nal radio and televisio n pro grams, and regular o f f erings o f o riginal o nline co ntent. While the term po dcast derives f ro m Apple’s wildly successf ul iP o d, po dcasts can be reco rded in audio f o rmats such as MP 3 that can be played o n mo st po rtable media players. (In perhaps the ultimate co ncessio n to the market leader, even the iP o d rival Micro so f t Zune ref erred to serialized audio f iles as po dcasts o n its navigatio n menu.) There are many po dcast directo ries, but Apple’s iTunes is by f ar the largest. Anyo ne who wants to make a po dcast available o n iTunes can do so f o r f ree. A po dcast publisher simply reco rds an audio f ile, uplo ads the f ile to...
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