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Unformatted text preview: avatar and look for examples of corporate/commercial involvement. Be prepared to discuss your experience—both positive and negative. 7. I nvestigate some of the many virtual worlds targeted at children, including Webkinz , Club Penguin, and Whyville. What are the revenue models for these efforts? How do these sites ensure they are safe for children? Assume the role of a parent—what are the pros and cons of these sites? Which (if any) would you allow your children to participate in? Why? Would you invest in any of these efforts or advise corporations to enter the kid‐focused virtual world space? Why or why not? 8. I f you don’t already own it, download iTunes for free, go to the iTunes music store, and explore the free podcast section. Alternatively, find podcasts from another service. Which podcasts seem to be the most popular? Why? Do you use podcasts or other rich media? Why or why not? 9. Visit YouTube. I dentify examples of corporations using the service. I dentify examples of customer use. Be prepared to discuss your findings wi...
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