Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: n the f o rm o f an avat ar, o r animated character. Users can custo mize the lo o k o f their avatar, interact with o thers by typing o r vo ice chat, and can travel abo ut the virtual wo rld by f lying, telepo rting, o r mo re co nventio nal means. The mo st po pular general-purpo se virtual wo rld is Seco nd Lif e by Linden Labs, altho ugh many o thers exist. Mo st are f ree, altho ugh game-o riented wo rlds, such as Wo rld o f Warcarf t (with ten millio n active subscribers), charge a f ee. Many co rpo ratio ns and o rganizatio ns have established virtual o utpo sts by purchasing “land” in the wo rld o f Seco nd Lif e, while still o thers have co ntracted with netwo rks to create their o wn, independent virtual wo rlds. Mo st o rganizatio ns have struggled to co mmercialize these Seco nd Lif e f o rays, but activity has been wide-ranging in its experimentatio n. Reuters tempo rarily “statio ned” a repo rter in Seco nd Lif e, presidential candidates have made appearances in the virtual wo rld, co rpo ratio ns have set up virtual sto ref ro nts, and there...
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