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Unformatted text preview: lead to awkward o r strained emplo yee relatio nships. Users may no t want to add a co wo rker as a f riend o n a public netwo rk if it means they’ll expo se their activities, lives, perso na, pho to s, sense o f humo r, and f riends as they exist o utside o f wo rk. And many f irms f ear wasted time as emplo yees surf the musings and pho to s o f their peers. All are advised to be cautio us in their so cial media sharing. Emplo yers are trawling the Internet, mining Facebo o k, and sco uring Yo uTube f o r any tip-o f f that a wo uld-be hire sho uld be passed o ver. A wo rd to the wise: tho se Facebo o k party pics, Yo uTube video s o f o pen mic perf o rmances, o r blo g po stings f ro m a particularly militant perio d might no t age well and may haunt yo u f o rever in a Go o gle search. Think twice bef o re clicking the uplo ad butto n! As So cialno mics autho r Erik Qualman puts it, “What happens in Vegas stays o n Yo uTube (and Flickr, Twitter, Facebo o k…).” Firms have also created their o wn o nline co mmu...
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