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Unformatted text preview: thro ugh “retweeting” but also if new tweets were generated o utside o f a campaign. Graphs plo t click-thro ughs o ver time, and a list o f o riginal tweets can be pulled up to examine what co mmentary acco mpanied a particular link. Lo catio n-based services like Fo ursquare have also ro lled o ut ro bust to o ls f o r mo nito ring ho w custo mers engage with f irms in the brick-and-mo rtar wo rld. Fo ursquare’s analytics and dashbo ard present f irms with a variety o f statistics, such as who has “checked in” and when, a venue’s male-to f emale ratio , and which times o f day are mo re active f o r certain custo mers. “Business o wners will also be able to o f f er instant pro mo tio ns to try to engage new custo mers and keep current o nes.”N. Bo lto n, “Fo ursquare Intro duces New To o ls f o r Businesses,” March 9, 2010. Managers can use the to o ls to no tice if a o nce-lo yal patro n has dro pped o f f the map, po tentially creating a special pro mo tio n to lure...
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