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Unformatted text preview: lso pay f o r special access to po ll Sermo do cto rs o n key questio ns, such as o pinio ns o n pending FDA drug appro val. Sermo po sts can send valuable warning signals o n issues such as disease o utbreaks o r unseen drug side ef f ects. And do cto rs have also used the service to rally against insurance co mpany po licy changes. Figure 7. 1 Thes e are s ome of t he rich healt h monit oring and s haring t ools available on Pat ient s LikeMe. Not e t hat t reat ment s , s ymp t oms , and qualit y­ of­life meas ures can be t racked over t ime. Source: Pat ient s LikeMe, 201 1 . While Sermo f o cuses o n the pro vider side o f the health care equatio n, a sho rt walk f ro m the f irm’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, headquarters will bring o ne to P atientsLikeMe (P LM), a so cial netwo rk empo wering chro nically ill patients acro ss a wide variety o f disease states. The f irm’s “o penness po licy” is in co ntrast to privacy rules po sted o n many sites and enco urages patients to publicly track and po s...
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