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Unformatted text preview: years, it to o k a co alitio n o f f o ur teams f ro m Austria, Canada, Israel, and the United States to f inally cro ss the 10 percent thresho ld. The winning team represented an asto nishing brain trust that Netf lix wo uld never have been able to harness o n its o wn.S. Lo hr, “And the Winner o f the $ 1 Millio n Netf lix P rize (P ro bably) Is…” New Yo rk Times, June 26, 2009. Other cro wdso urcers include Threadless.co m, which pro duces limited run t-shirts with designs users submit and vo te o n. Marketo cracy runs sto ck market games and has created a mutual f und based o n picks f ro m the 100 to p-perf o rming po rtf o lio s. Just under seven years into the ef f o rt, the f irm’s m100 Index repo rts a 75 percent return versus 35 percent f o r the S&P 500. The St. Lo uis Cardinals baseball team is even cro wdso urcing. The club’s One f o r the Birds co ntest calls f o r the f ans to submit sco uting repo rts o n pro mising players, as the team ho pes to bro aden its recruiting rada...
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