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Unformatted text preview: tter acco unts o n a separate Best Buy—run site. Then any registered emplo yees tweeting using the #twelpf o rce, will auto matically have tho se po sts echo ed thro ugh @Twelpf o rce, with the emplo yee’s acco unt credited at the end o f the tweet. As o f No vember 2009, Twelpf o rce had pro vided answers to o ver 19,500 custo mer m, “Case Study: Best Buy Twelpf o rce,” Twitter 101, https:/ / m/ #!/ BESTBUY. Figure 7. 3 A Samp ling of Tweet s Filt ered t hrough Bes t Buy’ s @Twelp force Twit t er Account Surgeo ns and residents at Henry Fo rd Ho spital have even tweeted during brain surgery (the teaching ho spital sees the service as an educatio nal to o l). So me tweets are f ro m tho se so yo ung they’ve go t “negative age.” m/ kickbee is an experimental f etal mo nito r band that sends tweets when mo tio n is detected: “I kicked Mo mmy at 08:52.” And savvy hackers are embedding “tweeting” senso rs into all so rts o f device...
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