Many wikis also serve as kno wledge management

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Unformatted text preview: wikis are and how they are used by corporations and the public at large. 2. Understand the technical and social features that drive effective and useful wikis. 3. Suggest opportunities where wikis would be useful and consider under what circumstances their use may present risks. 4. Recogniz e how social media such as wikis and blogs can influence a firm’s customers and brand. A wiki is a Web site anyo ne can edit directly within a Web bro wser (pro vided the site grants the user edit access). Wikis derive their name f ro m the Hawaiian wo rd f o r “quick.” Ward Cunningham, the “wiki f ather” christened this new class o f so f tware with the mo niker in ho no r o f the wiki-wiki shuttle bus at the Ho no lulu airpo rt. Wikis can be o ne o f the speediest ways to co llabo ratively create co ntent o nline. Many po pular o nline wikis serve as a shared kno wledge repo sito ry in so me do main. The largest and mo st po pular wiki is Wikipedia, but there are hundreds o f publicly acces...
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