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Unformatted text preview: o o large f o r a single seat, Smith went ballistic o n Twitter, berating So uthwest’s service to his tho usands o f o nline f o llo wers. So uthwest respo nded that same evening via Twitter, po sting, “I’ve read the tweets all night f ro m @ThatKevinSmith—He’ll be getting a call at ho me f ro m o ur Custo mer Relatio ns VP to night.” In the event o f a majo r crisis, f irms can leverage o nline media o utside the so cial sphere. In the days f o llo wing the Do mino ’s incident, the gro ss-o ut video co nsistently appeared near the to p o f Go o gle searches abo ut the f irm. When appro priate, co mpanies can buy ads to run alo ngside keywo rds explaining their po sitio n and, if appro priate, o f f ering an apo lo gy.S. Grego ry, “Do mino ’s Yo uTube Crisis: 5 Ways to Fight Back,” Time, April 18, 2009. Ho meo pathic co ld remedy Zicam co untered blo g po sts citing inaccurate pro duct inf o rmatio n by running Go o gle ads adjacent to these links, co ntaining tag lines such as “Zicam: Get the Facts.”Zicam had regularly been the victim o f urban legends claiming negative side ef f ects f ro m use; see Sno m, “Zicam Warni...
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