Mash ups are made easy by a tagging system called xml

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Unformatted text preview: ogies. R SS RSS (an acro nym that stands f o r bo th “really simple syndicatio n” and “rich site summary”) enables busy users to scan the headlines o f newly available co ntent and click o n an item’s title to view items o f interest, thus sparing them f ro m having to co ntinually visit sites to f ind o ut what’s new. Users begin by subscribing to an RSS f eed f o r a Web site, blo g, po dcast, o r o ther data so urce. The title o r headline o f any new co ntent will then sho w up in an RSS reader. Subscribe to the New Yo rk Times Techno lo gy news f eed, f o r example, and yo u will regularly receive headlines o f tech news f ro m the Times. Viewing an article o f interest is as easy as clicking the title yo u like. Subscribing is o f ten as easy as clicking o n the RSS ico n appearing o n the ho me page o f a Web site o f interest. Many f irms use RSS f eeds as a way to mange inf o rmatio n o verlo ad, o pting to distribute co ntent via f eed rather than e-mail. So me even distribute co rp...
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