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Unformatted text preview: ative issues erupt, o thers will jump in as new techno lo gies beco me ho t and early mo vers generate buzz and demo nstrate results. But it’s the SMART respo nsibility to avo id knee-jerk reactio n and to shepherd f irm ef f o rts with the pro f essio nalism and discipline o f o ther management do mains. Astroturfing and Sock Puppets So cial media can be a cruel space. Sharp-to ngued co mments can shred a f irm’s reputatio n and staf f might be tempted to make ano nymo us po sts def ending o r pro mo ting the f irm. Do n’t do it! No t o nly is it a vio latio n o f FTC rules, IP addresses and o ther o nline breadcrumbs o f ten leave a trail that expo ses deceit. Who le Fo o ds CEO Jo hn Mackey f ell victim to this kind o f temptatio n, but his actio ns were eventually, and quite embarrassingly, unco vered. Fo r years, Mackey used a pseudo nym to co ntribute to o nline message bo ards, talking up Who le Fo o ds sto ck and disparaging co mpetito rs. When Mackey was unmasked, years o f co mments were publicly attributed to...
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