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Unformatted text preview: o n internal pro jects, this demo nstrates a clear pent-up demand f o r co rpo rate-centric so cial netwo rks (and creates issues as wo rk dialo gue mo ves o utside f irm-suppo rted services). Many f irms are cho o sing to meet this demand by implementing internal so cial netwo rk platf o rms that are secure and tailo red to f irm needs. At the mo st basic level, these netwo rks have supplanted the traditio nal emplo yee directo ry. So cial netwo rk listings are easy to update and expand, and emplo yees are enco uraged to add their o wn pho to s, interests, and expertise to create a living digital identity. Firms such as Delo itte, Do w Chemical, and Go ldman Sachs have created so cial netwo rks f o r “alumni” who have lef t the f irm o r retired. These netwo rks can be usef ul in maintaining co ntacts f o r f uture business leads, rehiring f o rmer emplo yees (20 percent o f Delo itte’s experienced hires are so -called bo o merangs, o r returning emplo yees), o r recruiting retired staf f to serve as co ntracto rs when labo r is tight.R. King, “So ci...
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