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Unformatted text preview: ia use might have given the clueless Do mino ’s pranksters a heads-up that their planned video wo uld get them f ired and arrested. Given the po wer o f so cial media, it’s time f o r all f irms to get SMART , creating a so cial media awareness and respo nse team. While o ne size do esn’t f it all, this sectio n details key issues behind SMART capabilities, including creating the so cial media team, establishing f irmwide po licies, mo nito ring activity inside and o utside the f irm, establishing the so cial media presence, and managing so cial media engagement and respo nse. Creating the Team Firms need to treat so cial media engagement as a key co rpo rate f unctio n with clear and reco gnizable leadership within the o rganizatio n. So cial media is no lo nger an ad ho c side jo b o r a task delegated to an intern. When McDo nald’s named its f irst so cial media chief , the co mpany anno unced that it was impo rtant to have so meo ne “dedicated 100% o f the time, rather than...
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