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Unformatted text preview: Users o n co mputers at right-leaning Fo x News were embarrassingly caught editing the wiki page o f the lef ty pundit and po litician Al Franken (a nemesis o f Fo x’s Bill O’Reilly);A. Bergman, “Wikipedia Is Only as Ano nymo us as yo ur I.P .,” O’Reilly Radar, August 14, 2007. So ny staf f ers were f lagged as editing the entry f o r the Xbo x game Halo 3;I. Williams, “So ny Caught Editing Halo 3 Wikipedia Entry,” m, September 5, 2007. and no ne o ther than Wikipedia f o under Jimmy Wales was criticized f o r editing his o wn Wikipedia bio graphyE. Hansen, “Wikipedia Fo under Edits Own Bio ,” Wired, December 19, 2005.—acts that so me co nsider bad o nline f o rm at best, and disho nest at wo rst. One last po int o n using Wikipedia f o r research. Remember that acco rding to its o wn stated po licies, Wikipedia isn’t an o riginal inf o rmatio n so urce; rather, it’s a clearingho use f o r verif ied inf o rmatio n. So citing Wikipedia as a ref erence usu...
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