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Unformatted text preview: iver real results f o r co mmercial clients, such as ESP N. To pCo der co ntests have attracted ro ughly 300,000 participants f ro m 200 co untries.M. Brandel, “Sho uld Yo ur Co mpany ‘Cro wdso urce’ Its Next P ro ject?” Co mputerw o rld, December 6, 2007; M. Brandel, “Cro wdso urcing: Are Yo u Ready to Ask the Wo rld f o r Answers?” Co mputerw o rld, March 3, 2008; and To pCo der, 2011, http:/ / to pco der.co m/ ho me. No t all cro wdso urcers are f inancially mo tivated. So me benef it by helping to create a better service. Facebo o k leveraged cro wd wisdo m to develo p versio ns o f its site lo calized in vario us languages. Facebo o k engineers designated each o f the site’s English wo rds o r phrases as a separate translatable o bject. Members were then invited to translate the English into o ther languages, and rated the translatio ns to determine which was best. Using this f o rm o f cro wdso urcing, f if teen hundred vo lunteers cranked o ut Spanish Facebo o k in a mo nth....
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