Over the past f ew years a f undamentally dif f erent

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Unformatted text preview: uction systems, and understand how these services differ from prior generation tools. 2. List the major classifications of social media services. Over the past f ew years, a f undamentally dif f erent class o f Internet services has attracted users, made headlines, and increasingly garnered breathtaking market valuatio ns. Of ten ref erred to under the po o rly def ined umbrella term “Web 2.0,” these new services are targeted at harnessing the po wer o f the Internet to empo wer users to co llabo rate, create reso urces, and share inf o rmatio n in a distinctly dif f erent way than the static Web sites and transactio n-f o cused sto ref ro nts that characterized so many f ailures in the do t-co m bubble. Techies o f ten jo ust o ver the precise def initio n o f Web 2.0, but these arguments aren’t really all that impo rtant. What is signif icant is ho w quickly the Web 2.0 revo lutio n came abo ut, ho w unexpected it was, and ho w deeply impactf ul these ef f o rts have beco me f o r individuals, businesses, and so...
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