P kaf ka facebo o k isnt eating go o gles lunch yet

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Unformatted text preview: ry and Statistics),” Website Mo nito ring Blo g, March 17, 2010. Facebo o k is so lidly pro f itable and revenues have been gro wing with asto nishing speed (estimated at o ver $ 4 billio n in 2011, do ubling f ro m the prio r year).P . Kaf ka, “Facebo o k Isn’t Eating Go o gle’s Lunch Yet, but It’s Getting Hungry…,” AllThingsD, March 13, 2011. By spring 2011 so me suggested that the value o f the privately held f irm may have reached $ 100 billio n.G. Fo wler and A. Das, “Facebo o k Numbers Feed IP O Outlo o k,” Wall Street Jo urnal, May 1, 2011. Facebo o k and Twitter have beco me activist to o ls and have played vital ro les in suppo rting pro test mo vements wo rldwide. China and Iran are amo ng the go vernments so threatened by the po wer o f these services that each has, at times, blo cked Facebo o k and Twitter access within their bo rders. Twitter has emerged as a majo r f o rce that can break news and shape public o pinio n. By the time Twitter was a f ive-year-o ld, the service bo asted a po pulati...
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