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Unformatted text preview: ages allo w f o r so cial tagging, o f tentimes with ho t to pics indexed and accessible via a “tag clo ud” in the page’s sidebar. Mash‐up Mash ­ups are co mbinatio ns o f two o r mo re techno lo gies o r data f eeds into a single, integrated to o l. So me o f the best kno wn mash-ups leverage Go o gle’s mapping to o ls. Mapnif icent.net co mbines transit agency data with Go o gle Maps to let users f ind lo catio ns that are clo se to public transpo rtatio n. Ho usingMaps.co m co mbines Craigslist.o rg listings with Go o gle Maps f o r a mapbased display f o r apartment hunters. IBM linked to gether jo b f eeds and Go o gle Maps to create a jo b-seeker service f o r victims o f Hurricane Katrina. SimplyHired links jo b listings with Go o gle Maps, LinkedIn listings, and salary data f ro m P ayScale.co m. And Salesf o rce.co m has to o ls that allo w data f ro m its custo mer relatio nship management (CRM) system to be co mbined with data f eeds and maps f ro m third parties. Mash-ups are made easy by a tagging system called XML (f o r extensible markup language). Site o wners publish the paramete...
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