Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: lude metho ds to f lag no tewo rthy po sts, go o d ideas, and o ppo rtunities that the so cial media team sho uld be paying attentio n to . The custo mer base is o f ten f illed with heartwarming sto ries o f po sitive custo mer experiences and rich with insight o n making go o d things even better. Many will also o f f er an unso licited apo lo gy if the f irm’s name o r pro ducts co mes up in a disgruntled po st. Yo u may no t be able to respo nd to all o nline co mplaints, but selective ackno wledgement o f the custo mer’s vo ice (and attempts to address any emergent trends) is a sign o f a f irm that’s f o cused o n custo mer care. Getting the f requency, to ne, and cadence f o r this kind o f dialo gue is mo re art than science, and managers are advised to regularly mo nito r o ther f irms with similar characteristics f o r examples o f what wo rks and what do esn’t. Many incidents can be respo nded to immediately and with clear rules o f engagement. Fo r example, Starbuck issues co rrective replies to the o f ten-twee...
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