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Unformatted text preview: rat” f o r exercise buf f s, “scho o l night” f o r weeknight bar ho ppers). Check into a lo catio n mo re than anyo ne else and yo u beco me that spo t’s “mayo r.” Fo ursquare users can f o llo w public lo catio n po stings f ro m their f riends, disco vering when a buddy is clo se by. Users submit tips, and a reco mmendatio ns butto n o f f ers suggestio ns o n nearby places to explo re. Fo ursquare grew to o ver o ne millio n users ro ughly o ne year af ter the service debuted at the 2009 So uth by So uthwest co nf erence, and no w, ro ughly two years later, tho se numbers have gro wn to ten millio n.R. Kim, “Fo ursquare Fo und as Featured Lo catio n Service f o r INQ Facebo o k P ho ne,” GigaOM, May 23, 2011. Firms are no w using Fo ursquare f o r pro mo tio ns and to suppo rt lo yalty pro grams—o f f ering “mayo r specials” o r o ther incentives when users are nearby. Starbucks, the Bravo televisio n channel, f ro zen yo gurt chain Tasti D-Lite, and the Milwaukee-based burger chain AJ Bo mbers are amo ng the dive...
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