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Unformatted text preview: f essio nal co ntacts, seeking peer advice, netwo rking, and even recruiting. Starbucks manager o f enterprise staf f ing has stated that LinkedIn is “o ne o f the best things f o r f inding midlevel executives.”R. King, “No Rest f o r the Wiki,” BusinessWeek, March 12, 2007. Such netwo rks are also putting increasing pressure o n f irms to wo rk particularly hard to retain to p talent. While o nce HR managers f iercely guarded emplo yee directo ries f o r f ear that a list o f talent may f all into the hands o f rivals, to day’s so cial netwo rks make it easy f o r anyo ne to gain a list o f a f irm’s staf f , co mplete with co ntact inf o rmatio n and a private messaging channel. Corporate Use of Social Networks So cial netwo rks have also beco me o rganizatio nal pro ductivity to o ls. Emplo yees have o rganized tho usands o f gro ups using publicly available so cial netwo rking sites because similar to o ls are no t o f f ered by their f irms.E. Frauenheim, “So cial Revo lutio n,” Wo rkfo rce Management, Octo ber 2007. Assuming a large f ractio n o f these gro ups are f o cused...
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