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Unformatted text preview: but eight newspaper sites and was acquired in 2011 by AOL f o r $ 315 millio n, a valuatio n signif icantly higher than many publicly traded papers.E. Alterman, “Out o f P rint, the Death and Lif e o f the American Newspaper,” New Yo rker, March 31, 2008; and M. Learmo nth, “Huf f ingto n P o st Mo re Valuable Than So me Newspaper Co s.,” DigitalNext, December 1, 2008; V. Ko pyto f f , “AOL’s Bet o n Ano ther Makeo ver,” New Yo rk Times, February 7, 2011. Keep in mind that this is a site that lacks much o f the spo rts, lo cal news, weather, and o ther co ntent o f f ered by the lo cals. Ratings like this are hard to achieve—mo st blo ggers can’t make a living o f f their musings. But amo ng the elite ranks, killer subscriber numbers are a magnet f o r advertisers. To p blo gs o perating o n sho estring budgets can snare several hundred tho usand do llars a mo nth in ad revenue.S. Zuckerman, “Yes, So me Blo gs Are P ro f itable—Very P ro f itable,” San Francisco Chro...
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