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Unformatted text preview: Bo sto n’s Museum o f Fine Arts, to create their o wn mo bile pho ne–based scavenger hunts. The pro f itable f irm has an 80 percent client return rate and had attracted f unding f ro m Go o gle Ventures and Highland Capital P artners all bef o re f o under Seth P riebatsch turned twenty-o ne.J. Kincaid, “SCVNGR Raises $ 4 Millio n f ro m Go o gle Ventures,” TechCrunch, December 24, 2009; R. Kim, “What Makes SCVNGR So Sticky (Ho t Sauce No t Included), GigaOM, February 17, 2011. SCVNGR has also run pro mo tio ns that enco urage repeat purchases and return visits with a diverse client base that has included American Express, Co caCo la, and Buf f alo Wild Wings. The f irm also o f f ers the mo bile app LevelUp, which rewards users with Gro upo n-style deals and includes so me rewards if yo u bring f riends (making buying so cial). P erhaps the best kno wn amo ng the lo catio n-based pure plays is Fo ursquare. The service allo ws players to “check in” at dif f erent lo catio ns, allo wing players to earn “badges” displayed in the app f o r co mpleting specif ic achievements (“gym...
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