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Unformatted text preview: means that unless a reader base disco vers a blo g and is engaged, an ef f o rt will have little impact. K E Y TAK E AWAYS Blogs provide a rapid way to distribute ideas and information from one writer to many readers. Search engines, social media sharing, and trackbacks allow a blogger’s community of readers to spread the word on interesting posts and help distinguish and reinforce the reputations of widely read blogs. The comments section in blogs can create a conversation to gather opinion, vet ideas, and brainstorm. Public commentary can also apply pressure to correct inaccuracies and keep a blogger honest. Well‐known blogs can be powerfully influential, acting as flashpoints on public opinion. Firms ignore influential bloggers at their peril, but organiz ations should also be cautious about how they use and engage blogs and avoid flagrantly promotional or biased efforts. Top blogs have gained popularity, valuations, and profits that far exceed those of many leading traditional newspapers, and leading blogs have be...
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