Sermo po sts can send valuable warning signals o n

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Unformatted text preview: o ns” thro ugh f eeds, wall po sts, and o ther messaging.J. Gallaugher and S. Ransbo tham, “So cial Media and Custo mer Dialo g Management at Starbucks,” MIS Quarterly Executiv e 9, no . 4 (December 2010): 197—212. Social Networks and Health Care Dr. Daniel P alestrant o f ten sho ws a grueso me slide that pro vides a po werf ul anecdo te f o r Sermo , the so cial netwo rk f o r physicians that he co f o unded and where he serves as CEO. The image is o f an eight-inch saw blade po king thro ugh bo th sides o f the blo o died thumb o f a co nstructio n wo rker who ’d recently arrived in a ho spital emergency ro o m. A pho to o f the incident was po sted to Sermo , alo ng with an inquiry o n ho w to remo ve the blade witho ut damaging tissue o r risking a severed nerve. Within minutes replies started co ming back. While many replies advised to get a hand surgeo n, o ne no vel appro ach suggested cutting a straw lengthwise, inserting it under the teeth o f the blade, and sliding...
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