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Unformatted text preview: and o ther nef ario us o nline activity. Over o ne-third o f so cial netwo rking users claim to have been sent malware via so cial netwo rking sites (see Chapter 13 "Inf o rmatio n Security: Barbarians at the Gateway (and Just Abo ut Everywhere Else)"). The so cial media team will need to mo nito r threats and spread the wo rd o n ho w emplo yees can surf saf e and surf smart. Since so cial media is so public, it’s easy to amass examples o f what wo rks and what do esn’t, adding these to the f irm’s training materials. The so cial media team pro vides a catch po int f o r institutio nal kno wledge and industry best practice; and the team can update pro grams o ver time as new issues, guidelines, techno lo gies, and legislatio n emerge. The so cial media space intro duces a tensio n between allo wing expressio n (amo ng emplo yees and by the bro ader co mmunity) and pro tecting the brand. Firms will f all clo ser to o ne end o r the o ther o f this co ntinuum depending o n co mpliance requirements, co mf o rt level, and go als. Expect the o rganizatio n’s po sitio n to mo ve. Firms will be cautio us as neg...
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