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Unformatted text preview: ert Lichter, Are Chemicals Killing Us? Statistical Assessment Service, May 21, 2009; J. Kane, R. Fichman, J. Gallaugher, and J. Glaser, “Co mmunity Relatio ns 2.0,” Harv ard Business Rev iew , No vember 2009. Examples of Wiki‐Wise Organizations Wikis can be vital to o ls f o r co llecting and leveraging kno wledge that wo uld o therwise be scattered thro ugho ut an o rganizatio n; reducing geo graphic distance; remo ving bo undaries between f unctio nal areas; and f lattening preexisting hierarchies. Co mpanies have used wikis in a number o f ways: At P ixar, wikis go af ter that great co rpo rate pro ductivity killer—the po o rly planned meeting. All P ixar pro duct meetings have an asso ciated wiki. An o nline agenda ensures that all attendees arrive kno wing the to pics and issues to be co vered. Anyo ne attending the meeting (and even tho se who can’t make it) can update the agenda, po st suppo rting materials, and make co mments, helping ensure everyo ne has access to materials f o r prepa...
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