So uthwest respo nded that same evening via twitter

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Unformatted text preview: signal that the f irm is f acing deeper issues aro und its pro duct and service. While f irms can learn a lo t f ro m so cial media co nsultants and to o l pro viders, it’s co nsidered bad practice to o utso urce the management o f a so cial media presence to a third-party agency. The vo ice o f the f irm sho uld co me fro m the f irm. In f act, it sho uld co me f ro m emplo yees who can pro vide authentic expertise. Starbucks’ primary Twitter f eed is managed by Brad Nelso n, a f o rmer barista, while the f irm’s directo r o f enviro nmental af f airs, Jim Hanna, tweets and engages acro ss so cial media channels o n the f irm’s green ef f o rts. Engage and Respond Having an ef f ective so cial media presence o f f ers “f o ur Ms” o f engagement: it’s a megapho ne allo wing f o r o utbo und co mmunicatio n; it’s a magnet drawing co mmunities inward f o r co nversatio n; and it allo ws f o r mo nito ring and mediatio n o f existing co nversatio ns.J. Gallaugher and S. Ransbo tham,...
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