Social net works have garnered increasing attentio n

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Unformatted text preview: d site like Wikipedia, or a wiki service like Socialtext. Make an edit to a wiki entry or use a wiki service to create a new wiki for your own use (e. g. , for a class team to use in managing a group project). Be prepared to share your experience with the class. 2. What factors determine the value of a wiki? Which key concept, first introduced in Chapter 2 "Strategy and Technology: Concepts and Frameworks for Understanding What Separates Winners from Losers", drives a wiki’s success? 3. I f anyone can edit a wiki, why aren’t more sites crippled by vandalism or by inaccurate or inappropriate content? Are there technical reasons not to be concerned? Are there “social” reasons that can alleviate concern? 4. Give examples of corporate wiki use, as well as examples where firms used wikis to engage their customers or partners. What is the potential payoff of these efforts? Are there risks associated with these efforts? 5. Do you feel that you can trust content in wikis? Do you feel this content is more or less reliable than content in print encyclopedias? Than the content in newspaper articles? Why? 6. Have you ever run across an error in a wiki entry? Describe the situation. 7. I s it ethical for a fir...
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