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Unformatted text preview: by 4Chan,” TechCrunch, April 27, 2009. To prepare, f irms sho uld “war game” po ssible crises, ensuring that everyo ne kno ws their ro le, and that experts are o n call. A f irm’s so cial media po licy sho uld also make it clear ho w emplo yees who spo t a crisis might “pull the alarm” and mo bilize the crisis respo nse team. Having all emplo yees aware o f ho w to respo nd gives the f irm an expanded institutio nal radar that can lo wer the chances o f being blindsided. This can be especially impo rtant as many co nversatio ns take place in the so called dark Web beyo nd the reach o f co nventio nal search engines and mo nito ring to o ls (e.g., within membership co mmunities o r sites, such as Facebo o k, where o nly “f riends” have access). In the event o f an incident, silence can be deadly. Co nsumers expect a respo nse to majo r events, even if it’s just “we’re listening, we’re aware, and we intend to f ix things.” When directo r Kevin Smith was asked to leave a So uthwest Airline f light because he was t...
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