Starbucks has even recruited staf f via twitter and

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Unformatted text preview: ppro ve “f riends” bef o re they can see status updates, Twitter’s def ault setting allo ws f o r asymmetrical f o llo wing (altho ugh it is po ssible to set up private Twitter acco unts and to blo ck f o llo wers). Sure, there’s a lo t o f inane “tweeting” go ing o n—lo ts o f meaningless updates that read, “I’m having a sandwich” o r “in line at the airpo rt.” But while no t every user may have so mething wo rthwhile to tweet, many f ind that Twitter makes f o r invaluable reading, o f f ering a sense o f what f riends, custo mers, tho ught leaders, and newsmakers are thinking. Twitter leadership has described the service as co mmunicating “The P ulse o f the P lanet.”E. Scho nf eld, “Twitter's Internal Strategy Laid Bare: To Be ‘The P ulse o f The P lanet,’” TechCrunch, July 19, 2009. Fo r many, Twitter is a disco very engine, a taste-making machine, a critical so urce o f market intelligence, a so urce o f breaking news, and an instantaneo us way to plug into the mo ment’s zeitgeist. Many also f ind Twitter to be an ef f ective to o l f o r quickly blasting queries to f riends, co lleague...
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