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Unformatted text preview: rs o f XML data f eeds that a service can accept o r o f f er (e.g., an address, price, pro duct descriptio ns, images). Other develo pers are f ree to leverage these public f eeds using applicatio n pro gramming interf aces (AP Is), published instructio ns o n ho w to make pro grams call o ne ano ther, to share data, o r to perf o rm tasks. Using AP Is and XML, mash-up autho rs smo o sh to gether seemingly unrelated data so urces and services in new and no vel ways. Lightweight, bro wser-f riendly so f tware techno lo gies like Ajax and HTML5 can o f ten make a Web site interf ace as rich as a deskto p applicatio n, and rapid deplo yment f ramewo rks like Ruby o n Rails will enable and accelerate mash-up creatio n and deplo yment. Location‐Based Services Co mputing devices increasingly kno w where yo u are—and this is creating all so rts o f new o ppo rtunities f o r so cial media. Twitter, Facebo o k, and Go o gle Buzz are amo ng the many so cial services that have added lo catio n-based o ptio ns, allo wing yo u to tweet o r po st a status update attached with a phy...
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