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Unformatted text preview: so meo ne who ’s go t a day jo b o n to p o f a day jo b.”E. Yo rk, “McDo nald’s Names First So cial-Media Chief ,” Chicago Business, April 13, 2010. Firms witho ut so cial media baked into emplo yee jo b f unctio ns o f ten f ind that their o nline ef f o rts are started with enthusiasm, o nly to suf f er under a lack o f o versight and f o llo w-thro ugh. One ho tel o perato r f o und f ranchisees were quick to create Facebo o k pages, but many rarely mo nito red them. Custo mers later no tif ied the f irm that unmo nito red ho tel Facebo o k pages co ntained o f f ensive messages—a racist rant o n o ne, paternity claims against an emplo yee o n ano ther. Organizatio ns with a clearly established leadership ro le f o r so cial media can help create co nsistency in f irm dialo gue; develo p and co mmunicate po licy; create and share institutio nal kno wledge; pro vide training, guidance, and suggestio ns; o f f er a place to escalate issues in the event o f a crisis o r o ppo rtunity; and catch co nf licts tha...
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