The emplo yees who do nt understand the impact o f so

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Unformatted text preview: ia. As o f this writing so me majo r brands still lack a no table so cial media presence (Apple co mes immediately to mind). But yo ur custo mers are there and they’re talking abo ut yo ur o rganizatio n, its pro ducts, and its co mpetito rs. Yo ur emplo yees are there, to o , and witho ut guidance, they can step o n a so cial grenade with yo ur f irm lef t to pick o ut the shrapnel. So o n, nearly everyo ne will carry the Internet in their po cket. P ho nes and MP 3 players are armed with video cameras capable o f reco rding every custo mer o utrage, co rpo rate blunder, ethical lapse, and ro gue emplo yee. So cial media po sts can linger f o rever o nline, like a graf f iti tag attached to yo ur f irm’s reputatio n. Get used to it—that genie isn’t go ing back in the bo ttle. As the “United Breaks Guitars” and “Do mino ’s Gro ss Out” incidents sho w, so cial media will impact a f irm whether it cho o ses to engage o nline o r no t. An awareness o f the po wer o f so cial media can shape custo mer suppo rt engagement and crisis respo nse, and stro ng co rpo rate po licies o n so cial med...
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