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Unformatted text preview: ld someone choose to use Twitter over Facebook’s status update or other services? Which (if either) do you prefer and why? 5. What do you think of Twitter’s revenue prospects? I s the firm a viable independent service or simply a feature to be incorporated into other social media activity? Advocate where you think the service will be in two years, five, ten. Would you invest in Twitter? Would you suggest that other firms do so? Why? 6. Assume the role of a manager for your firm. Advocate how the organiz ation should leverage Twitter and other forms of social media. Provide examples of effective use, and cautionary tales, to back up your recommendation. 7. Some instructors have mandated Twitter for classroom use. Do you think this is productive? Would your professor advocate tweeting during lectures? What are the pros and cons of such use? Work with your instructor to discuss a set of common guidelines for in‐class and course use of social media. 8. As of this writing, Twitter was just rolling out advertising via “promoted tweets. ” Perform some additional research. How have Twitter’s attempts to grow revenues fared? How has...
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