The so cial media space intro duces a tensio n

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Unformatted text preview: n’t have to reinvent the wheel. Several f irms, including Best Buy, IBM, Intel, The American Red Cro ss, and Australian teleco m giant Telstra, have made their so cial media po licies public. Mo st guidelines emphasize the “three Rs”: representatio n, respo nsibility, and respect. Representatio n. Emplo yees need clear and explicit guidelines o n expectatio ns f o r so cial media engagement. Are they empo wered to speak o n behalf o f the f irm? If they do , it is critical that emplo yees transparently disclo se this to avo id legal actio n. U.S. Federal Trade Co mmissio n rules require disclo sure o f relatio nships that may inf luence o nline testimo nial o r endo rsement. On to p o f this, many industries have additio nal co mpliance requirements (e.g., go verning privacy in the health and insurance f ields, retentio n o f co rrespo ndence and disclo sure f o r f inancial services f irms). Firms may also want to pro vide guidelines o n initiating and co nducting dialo gue, when to respo nd o nline, and ho w to escalate...
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