The technical f eatures make it easy f o r a blo gger

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Unformatted text preview: repo rts appeared, the mainstream media picked up the sto ry. The New Yo rk Times ran a piece titled “The P en Is Mightier Than the Lo ck” that included a series o f pho to s demo nstrating the ball-po int Krypto nite lo ck pick. The event tarnished the o nce-stro ng brand and eventually resulted in a lo ss o f o ver $ 10 millio n. Like any Web page, blo gs can be public, tucked behind a co rpo rate f irewall, o r passwo rd pro tected. Third-party blo gging services include Go o gle Blo gger, Wo rdP ress, Tumblr, and P o stero us, with mo st o f f ering a co mbinatio n o f f ree and premium f eatures. The mo st po pular platf o rm f o r o rganizatio ns cho o sing to ho st their o wn blo g server is the o pen so urce Wo rdP ress system. Firms o f ten cho o se this o ptio n to gain mo re co ntro l o ver security and f o rmatting. In the end, the value o f any particular blo g derives f ro m a co mbinatio n o f technical and so cial f eatures. The technical f eatures make it easy f o r a blo gger and his o r her co mmunity to reach o ut f o r an o ngo ing co nversatio n o n so me to pic o f shared interest. But the so cial side...
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