This happened because twitter made its data available

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Unformatted text preview: s. Bo tanicalls, f o r example, o f f ers an electro nic f lo werpo t stick that detects when plants need care and sends Twitter status updates to o wners (sample po st: “URGENT! Water me!”). Organizatio ns are well advised to mo nito r Twitter activity related to the f irm, as it can act as a so rt o f canary-in-a-co al mine unco vering emerging events. Users are increasingly using the service as a way to f o rm f lash pro test cro wds. Amazo m, f o r example, was caught o f f guard o ver a ho liday weekend when tho usands used Twitter to rapidly pro test the f irm’s reclassif icatio n o f gay and lesbian bo o ks (hash tag #amazo nf ail). Others use the platf o rm f o r shame and ridicule. BP has endured withering ridicule f ro m the satire acco unt @BP Glo balP R (f o llo wed by ro ughly 200,000 peo ple two mo nths af ter the spill). Fo r all the excitement, many wo nder if Twitter is o verhyped. So me repo rts suggest that many Twitter users are curio us experimenters who dro...
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