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Unformatted text preview: ia f o r Spies: The CIA Disco vers Web 2.0,” Time, April 8, 2009. When bro ught o utside the f irewall, co rpo rate wikis can also be a so rt o f value-generatio n greenho use, allo wing o rganizatio ns to leverage input f ro m their custo mers and partners: Intuit has created a “co mmunity wiki” that enco urages the sharing o f experience and kno wledge no t just regarding Intuit pro ducts, such as QuickBo o ks, but also acro ss bro ader to pics its custo mers may be interested in, such as industry-specif ic issues (e.g., architecture, no npro f it) o r small business tips (e.g., hiring and training emplo yees). The Turbo Tax maker has also spo nso red TaxAlmanac.o rg, a wiki-based tax reso urce and research co mmunity. Micro so f t leveraged its custo mer base to supplement do cumentatio n f o r its Visual Studio so f tware develo pment to o l. The f irm was able to enter the Brazilian market with Visual Studio in part because users had created pro duct do cumentatio n in P o rtuguese.R. King, “No Rest f o r the Wiki,” BusinessWeek, March 12, 2007. Don’t Underestimate t...
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