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Unformatted text preview: dge the so urce o f an item in their po st, which allo ws blo ggers to f o llo w the po pularity o f their po sts amo ng o ther blo ggers. Despite this increased po pularity, blo gging has its do wnside. Blo g co mments can be a ho tho use f o r spam and the disgruntled. Ham-handed co rpo rate ef f o rts (such as po o r respo nse to public criticism o r bo gus “praise po sts”) have been ridiculed. Emplo yee blo gging can be dif f icult to co ntro l and public po stings can “live” f o rever in the bo wels o f an Internet search engine o r as co ntent pasted o n o ther Web sites. Blo ggers, beware—there are do zens o f examples o f wo rkers who have been f ired f o r what emplo yers viewed as inappro priate po sts. The vo ice o f the blo go sphere can also wield signif icant inf luence. While no t all blo go sphere co mmentary deserves a respo nse, f irms igno re so cial media at their o wn peril (see sidebar belo w)! Tips o n ho w f irms sho uld o rganize f o r so cial media eng...
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