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Unformatted text preview: o rate repo rts via RSS. RSS readers are o f f ered by third-party Web sites such as Go o gle and Yaho o ! and they have been inco rpo rated into all po pular bro wsers and mo st e-mail pro grams. Mo st blo gging platf o rms pro vide a mechanism f o r blo ggers to auto matically publish a f eed when each new po st beco mes available. Go o gle’s FeedBurner is the largest publisher o f RSS blo g f eeds, and o f f ers f eatures to distribute co ntent via e-mail as well. Figure 7. 4 RSS readers like Google Reader can be an eas y way t o s can blog headlines and click t hrough t o follow int eres t ing s t ories . Figure 7. 5 Web s it es t hat s up p ort RSS feeds will have an icon in t he addres s bar. Click it t o s ubs cribe. Folksonomies Folksonomies (so metimes ref erred to as so cial tagging) are keywo rd-based classif icatio n systems created by user co mmunities as they generate and review co ntent. (The label is meant to ref er to a peo ple-po wered taxo no my.) Bo o kmarking site Del.icio .us, pho to -sharing site Flickr (bo th o wned by Yaho...
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