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Unformatted text preview: tising (an appro ach no t unlike Go o gle’s ef f o rts to nurture Yo uTube). MIT’s Techno lo gy Rev iew repo rts that data sharing deals with Go o gle and Bing may have bro ught in eno ugh mo ney to make the service pro f itable in 2009, but that amo unt was mo dest (just $ 25 millio n).D. Talbo t, “Can Twitter Make Mo ney?” Techno lo gy Rev iew , March/ April 2010. Twitter’s advertising platf o rm is expected to be f ar mo re lucrative, but the f irm has thus f ar struggled to f ind the right mo del. Ref lecting Twitter’s “deliberately cautio us” appro ach to revenue develo pment, the ad mo del f eaturing spo nso red “pro mo ted tweets” ro lled o ut f irst as part o f the search, with distributio n to individual Twitter f eeds pro gressing as the f irm experiments and learns what wo rks best f o r users and advertisers. Ano ther issue—as the service grew, many Twitter users rarely visited the f irm’s Web site. Instead, mo st active users wo uld po st and read tweets usi...
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