Twitter is credited with having raised millio ns via

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Unformatted text preview: s, o r strangers who might o f f er po tentially valuable input. Says f uturist P aul Saf f o , “Instead o f creating the gro up yo u want, yo u send it and the gro up self -assembles.”C. Miller, “P utting Twitter’s Wo rld to Use,” New Yo rk Times, April 13, 2009. Users can classif y co mments o n a given to pic using h ash t ags (keywo rds preceded by the “#” o r “hash” symbo l), allo wing o thers to quickly f ind related tweets (e.g., #iranelectio n, #mumbai, #swinef lu, #sxsw). Any user can create a hash tag—just type it into yo ur tweet (yo u may want to search Twitter f irst to make sure that the tag is no t in use by an unrelated to pic and that if it is in use, it appro priately describes ho w yo u want yo ur tweet classif ied). Twitter users have bro ken news during disasters, terro r attacks, and o ther majo r events. Dictato rs f ear the peo ple po wer Twitter enables, and to talitarian go vernments wo rldwide have mo ved to blo ck citizen access to the service (pro mpting Twitter to wo rk o n censo r-evading techno...
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