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Unformatted text preview: elytizers and teachers.” GM ho pes this appro ach enables experts to interact directly with custo mers and partners, allo wing the f irm to o f f er authentic and kno wledgeable vo ices o nline. Tweets from the Untrained Fo llo wers o f f ashio n label Kenneth Co le kno w when the f irm’s epo nymo us f o under, chairman, and chief creative o f f icer has tweeted via the co rpo rate acco unt—he signs these tweets with his initials KC. But it lo o ks like KC co uld have used a bit o f SMART training when he o f f ered up a meant-to -be-light-hearted quip co mparing Egypt’s histo ric Mubarak-o usting pro tests (where several citizens were killed and injured) to enthusiasm f o r his f irm’s “new spring co llectio n.” Altho ugh the tweet was quickly deleted, screensho ts (see belo w) linger f o rever, and the media widely repo rted o n the big brand’s insensitive gaf f e. Training sho uld also co ver inf o rmatio n security and po tential threats. So cial media has beco me a magnet f o r phishing, virus distributio n,...
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