Twitter users have bro ken news during disasters

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Unformatted text preview: ad that the stealth raid that led to the killing o f Osama Bin Laden was inadvertently live-tweeted by an IT-savvy neighbo r, co mmenting o n the ruckus in the neighbo rho o d. Figure 7. 2 Bin Laden’ s Neighbor Accident ally Tweet s t he U. S. Raid Tweet s (t op mos t is mos t recent ) by Abbot t abad, Pakis t an—bas ed IT cons ult ant Sohaib At har (Twit t er handle @ReallyVirt al), who had no idea (1 ) t hat Os ama Bin Laden was his neighbor and (2) t hat his t weet s about t he neighborhood dis t urbance were act ually a live account of a U. S. raid. J. O’ Dell, “One Twit t er Us er Rep ort s Live from Os ama Bin Laden Raid, ” Mas hable, May 2, 201 1 . Twitter is a microblogging service that allo ws users to po st 140-character messages (t weet s) via the Web, SMS, o r a variety o f third-party deskto p and smartpho ne applicatio ns. The micro blo g mo niker is a bit o f a misno mer. The service actually has mo re in co mmo n with Facebo o k’s status updates and news f eeds than it do es with traditio nal blo gs. But unlike Facebo o k, where mo st users must a...
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